Sausage & Eggs

Located at the outside of SM Seaside City, City wing. They offer all day breakfast meals at affordable prices starting at P50.

I ordered their Evergood Sausage (Bratwurst), Bacon Bits, Egg and Garlic Rice with one round of Iced Tea or Coffee prices a5 P190. 

Their Sausage and Egg meal is Priced at P130.

Serving time is between 10-15 minutes.

Evergood Sausage (Bratwurst), Bacon Bits, Egg, Garlic Rice.

Bucket Shrimp Yumminess in every Bucket

Orchid Street
Bucket Shrimp

A lot has changed since I first explored Orchid Street way back in college. Some of the old restaurants I frequently visit are closed and have been replaced by new establishments. Bucket Shrimp is one of the recent additions in Orchid Street. After hearing a lot of good feedbacks about from my friends, I decided to pay them a visit.

Katsinoy Katsilang Pinoy Cuisine

Spanish Filipino Restaurant
I found out about Katsinoy Boutique Cafe a few weeks ago. Katsinoy offers authentic Spanish and Filipino dishes. They have a wide variety of soup, salad, pasta, tapas(appetizers/snacks), main course meals and budget meals to choose from.
Katsinoy Interior
Despite the limited area, the restaurant has a ample space that can accommodate 40-50 people. They also have a small function room for meetings and people who want some privacy. The interior is well laid out. The rustic furnishing, wooden chairs and table reminds me of old Spanish homes from down south.


Last Sinulog I visited City Time Square and found various new restaurants to explore. One of the restaurants that caught my attention was Gumbology. Gumbology derived its name from the Gumbo dish which originated in Southern Lousiana. The Gumbo is a dish that combines special spices with assorted vegetables to make a stew.
City Time Square
The restaurant design, which is inspired by the Mardi Gra, has bright colored walls, lighting and furnishings bringing a festive ambiance to its interior. Another noticeable accent in the restaurant is the numerous Mardi Gra masks found on the center of there table and on poster frames on the wall. The interior design is very eye catching, but what really interested me was their specialty dish the gumbo.

Calamansi Juice - Php 48.00

While looking at the menu, the waiter recommended the Big Easy Gumbo and the Clam and Corn Chowder. We ordered the Big Easy Gumbo, Crispy Chicken Skin, Lumpia Sisig Roll, and Clam and Corn Chowder . They served us a complementary bread and butter while we waited for our orders.
Complementary Bread and Butter

Cebu Beehive Restaurant

Last February 14, my wife and I spent our valentines day at home with our daughter. The following day I took my wife to Cebu Beehive Restaurant at Ramos on February 15. My dad and brother were the ones who told me to explore the place. Even though Cebu Beehive Restaurant has been around for 50 years, this was the first time I dined at this place.
When we entered the restaurant, it was like stepping back in time. The ambiance of the restaurant was very old school. The floor treatment, rattan furniture, wooden bar and interior design were definitely from the previous generation. I am not sure if this was the same interior design when they opened this establishment decades ago, but it really did look like a restaurant from the 70's or 80's era. Even though the interior design was retro, it was cozy, clean, presentable and spacious.